We strive to create a company of highly experienced professionals having the best quality/price ratio within our segment. Here you can hire Software developers who have worked across a wide range of industries and have delivered over 100 projects. Our Enterprise background and Unique Development Methodology helps to understand the goals of every project. We care about the products we are building and believe that knowledge and expertise is our most important advantage. Motivation and loyalty is an essential part of our organization. We are a community, not just an office.

Binerals is a team of technical gurus, quality assurance experts and managers with rich experience and knowledge to meet any challenge and demand on IT market. 80% of our employees are expert-level pros. Our team’s Knowledge of Business Management helps to overcome common difficulties in outsourcing. We have the flexibility to help our customers both launch short-term small or medium projects and build long-term partnerships that would strengthen our partners’ in-house teams and change the vision of an offshore team from mere contractors to an important part of the organization with the corresponding motivation and loyalty.

Quick Facts

Our team is an accomplished coalition of information technology experts, QA specialists and progressive business strategists.

Located in Ukraine

In development since 2008

Working as one team for 6+ years

3 out of 4 our customers choose us for long-term projects

We use the most advanced technological stacks

Over 70% of our Clients are Return Customers


HeadquartersBulgaria, Town of Sofia 1404, district of Sofia (capital) Stolichna municipality, Triaditsa region Manastirski livadi Housing Estate, bl. 30, entr. A, ap. 4
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