IT products' integration

Binerals provides comprehensive services to make your business comply with government, internet, appstore and payment regulations as well as local legislation. This might require some re-design or adding/removing some of features required by 3rd parties and regulators.

We offer

  • Market research & Analysis
  • Product adaptation & Legal assistance
  • Localization, Modification & Redesign
  • MIDs and Payment aggregator consultancy

Quality Assurance

To ensure that software meets the highest standards and to deliver your product to customers without bugs we use full-spectrum of QA Assurance techniques and processes.

  • 01
    Functional testing

    We continuously test if the software meets your specs

  • 02
    Performance testing

    Our performance engineers always test if the system handle expected loads

  • 03
    Security testing

    Our IT specialists evaluate the project to ensure it is secure from vulnerabilities

  • 04
    Automation testing

    Our QA engineers design automated tests that run testing functions with multiple scenarios, automatically saving your time and money

DevOps Integration

Our team of experts aims to shorten the development life cycle utilizing better communication and collaboration between development and IT operations.

  • Clean code

    Our programmers offer clean, reliable code that contains minimal number of entities, is easy to read, with proper syntax and clear definitions.

  • Continuous delivery

    We utilise automated and frequent unit testing to reduce risks and produce higher quality solutions.

  • Monitoring and reporting

    A single centralized reporting interface ensures the health of your application and gives access to information on our progress.

Security control

We take all required measures to reduce information security risks to protect the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of data and networks. Products we deliver always conform to the highest standards.

  • level 01

    Our security specialists can advise on faults in your company's IT system and find a better solution to prevent cyber attacks and theft.

  • level 02

    We shield your product from reverse engineering to protect your assets from unexpected losses.

  • level 03
    Vulnerability detection

    We inspect the encryption of personal info, internet data flows, the state of local database and more.

Business analysis

Our marketing experts and business analytics will work closely with you to determine your project’s unique requirements, improve processes, and guide your business towards practical solutions and new opportunities.

  • Requirements documentation

    We create a detailed description of functional and non-functional requirements and make sure everything is thoroughly identified, adequately documented, and agreed with you.

  • Wireframes & prototypes

    These steps are necessary to visualise the project’s architecture, features, navigation and usability.

  • Business process modelling

    Our analysts implement BPM techniques to determine a company's business processes or workflows to identify possible weakness and potential improvements.


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