Scope of work (sow)


Idea analysis, requirement gathering and planning

We worked with many startups and evaluated hundreds of ideas. Our analyst works closely with you to understand your business processes. We analyze gathered data, judge an idea against pre-defined criteria that we formed over these years.

At the final stages, we prepare a vision of the solution and specification, so you and the programmers understand how the solution will run. Documentation is an integral part of software engineering. Types of documentation include:

UX Strategy

Once the idea is validated, we start work on your product's visual aspect based on the info we've got on the first stage. We thoroughly study every user case to design how this software will look and how it will function. We create a wireframe to demonstrate what UI elements will exist on the screen, how they will be arranged, and visualize the navigation path.

On the next step, we put the design on the wireframe to show aesthetics. Finally, we make a full-fledged prototype to test with users and get valuable feedback before committing ideas to code.

Project Management & Development

Once Product specifications and designs are ready, we can kick off with product development. Our Project managers work closely with engineers to complete a project within the established goals on time, budget, and scope.

Coding undergoes seven phases: analyzing, designing, coding, code review, debugging and testing, implementing, and maintaining application software. Progress tracked in the task tracker, bug tracker, and the project wiki.

Product Growth

Outsource your marketing to our experts. Our marketing managers contributed to the online success of hundreds of brands: large and small. We offer full service marketing solutuions from marketing strategies, branding to advertising.

We leverage online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, app marketing, push, and email marketing.

We can help to grow your startup or existing business.


We cover all existing grows channels


We manage 6-figure ad spend budgets


Fully committed to your cause


Our Affiliate Managers, Media Buyers, and Listing Experts (SEO, ASO, SMO) will run marketing campaigns for you on all existing platforms, including Google, Apple Store, Amazon, Facebook, and others.

  1. Start Working

  2. Market research

    Keywords Ads (banners, videos, etc) LPs (tours, pre-sells, etc)

  3. Promo materials creation

    Tech task, Designing, Build Texts, Banners, Email creatives, Landers

  4. Campaign setup

    tools, ad accounts, proxies, etc

  5. Campaign Management & Optimization

    Split testing KPIs evaluation Scaling

  6. Reports

    Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports and feedback.

  7. Goal (DAU, MAU, ROI, $$$)

What you get

Marketing Strategy

List of marketplaces and planned actions to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and business growth
  • 100% of user segments and growth channels covered
  • Marketing Roadmap with checkpoints and requirements

Optimized Listing

SEO, ASO, SMO implementation. Indexation on target platforms for every relevant keyword. Converting Images and Call-2-Actions
  • 100% indexation for core keywords and visibility in search
  • Up to 70% better CTR


Exposure, Leads, Sales, Return Customers & Revenue Growth
  • Ad campaigns with Pre-Landers and banners
  • Dedicated Online marketing managers


Customer Lifecycle, Shopping activity, Engagement, ARPU groups, Loyalty Customer segments, Ideal Customer profile, Lapse point, CBs, Cohorts and Pivot tables, ROI calculation.
  • 100% understanding of your own business potential
  • Product structure is defined