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Online Dating Project Case Study

A huge overhaul of an online dating project which included website redesign and upgrade, building of mobile apps for Android & iOS

Industry: Dating
Country: USA
Team size: 5
Duration: 2021-2023
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A comprehensive revamp of an online dating project, encompassing website revamp and upgrade, along with Android & iOS apps development


Just like many products, the dating websites need to be up-to-date and meet the modern standards. The most common ways to overhaul these projects are new features, redesign, and the addition of companion mobile apps. We were tasked with making all these steps for a well-established website with a large audience of real users.

We estimated the scope and got to work.



The created custom product had to be more convenient than the ready-made solutions that the client's company used before.


The created custom product had to be more convenient than the ready-made solutions that the client's company used before.

Building of the apps

And, of course, we needed to focus on automating as many processes as possible to speed up their execution.


The initial design of the website had a strong mobile app feeling. At the start, it was a budget-friendly solution to have the system be useful on both desktop and mobile devices. To achieve this, numerous compromises were made. As a result, there was an impression that something was out of place when using the site on any device.

As the decision on the separate mobile apps development was made, the website got a green light for a redesign to make it more suitable for the desktop platform. We analyzed the possible options and areas that required improvement first.


New design system / fonts

Designing a new design system and fonts is a harmonious dance between creativity and functionality. It's the art of crafting an identity that resonates visually while maintaining a seamless user experience.

The process starts with a blank canvas and a clear vision. The design system lays down the rules, guiding every element's size, color, spacing, and behavior. It's a roadmap that ensures consistency across platforms, devices, and interactions.


General UI/UX updates

These design updates to our dating application are aimed at creating a visually striking and user-friendly environment that elevates the way people connect.

By refining the onboarding process, personalizing match recommendations, enhancing user profiles, improving messaging features, strengthening privacy controls, and offering seamless navigation, we can deliver a platform that fosters genuine connections while prioritizing user satisfaction and safety.


Panels layout

The layout of panels within a digital interface plays a pivotal role in guiding users through an application's functionalities. A well-organized and intuitive panels layout significantly enhanced user experience, enabling users to navigate seamlessly and access information effortlessly.

By focusing on clarity, consistency, minimalism, responsive design, user goals, grouping, visual cues, testing, and accessibility, we created a layout that guides users through the application seamlessly.


Match Game screen update

Match Game reimagines the process of meeting new people, infusing it with an element of surprise, intrigue, and modern convenience. The swipe principle transforms the act of exploring profiles into an interactive game, adding an element of playfulness to the journey of finding connections.

Embrace the excitement of swiping, the allure of mutual interest, and the potential for meaningful connections as you embark on your journey.


We added monetized media capabilities to the platform


Audio notes in the profile

This feature isn't just about conveying information; it's about building bridges of understanding. Your laughter, enthusiasm, or thoughtful reflections can convey emotions that written words might struggle to capture. It's a way to stand out in a crowded space and make a lasting impression.

Audio notes bring a human touch to the digital realm, letting your personality shine through every intonation. Whether it's a brief welcome message, a snippet of your thoughts, or a showcase of your musical talents, these audio gems add depth to your profile.


Audio messages

Audio messages transcend time zones and language barriers, making it easier to connect across cultures and distances. They capture the spontaneity of a conversation, allowing thoughts to flow naturally without the constraints of typing.

Whether you're catching up with friends, collaborating with colleagues, or connecting with loved ones, audio messages provide a personal touch that text can't replicate. Hear the laughter, feel the sincerity, and truly understand the intent behind the words.


Video uploads

With video uploads, you transcend the boundaries of written words and static images. You can showcase your passion, share your expertise, or simply express yourself in a more dynamic and engaging way. From the subtle nuances of your expressions to the grandeur of your surroundings, videos paint a fuller picture.


Video chats

Video chat bridges distances, making it feel like you're in the same room even if you're miles apart. You can see the smiles, the expressions, and the reactions, making interactions more genuine and meaningful. Whether it's catching up with friends.

Non-verbal cues and body language speak volumes, and video chat captures these subtleties. From a reassuring nod to a hearty laugh, these cues make conversations richer and more nuanced. It's a chance to connect more authentically and build stronger relationships.

New Feature

The new media capabilities allowed adding two new ways of user verification: video message and video chat with an agent. It provides more ways of verification than it is usually offered at rival platforms which adds much flexibility.

New Feature

We also added some new features: animated virtual gifts and pay-per-view photos.

The features are simple in nature but got much use.

The project owner pays great attention to keep the service safe from spammers and scammers.


Both Android and iOS apps were considered to be built. To get the best cost efficiency, we decided to use React Native technology. For two apps, it has a serious advantage over native solutions: instead of paying 100% for each platform, you pay about 130% in total and get two. We carefully recreated all features of the website and connected the apps to the existing infrastructure.

In addition to the existing modules of the website (new ones included), the apps required adding specific mobile features including location finder and push notifications. The mobile platforms design was a huge rework of the initial look and was unified with the new design system.


The results of the project were highly positive. The overall design was brought to modern UI/UX standards, and the service has become easier to use on both desktop and mobile platforms. The apps have a strong success from the users, and people call them very useful in the reviews. The new monetized media capabilities are used extensively, and the animated gifts bring the gamification element to the overall experience. There is a potential to add new features smoothly.

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