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Social Networks

Looking for ways to create the next big thing in the social media world? We understand the unique opportunities that come with creating a disruptive social media solution, so let’s embrace them together.

Consumer Reviews Networks

As social proof becomes more important for modern users, creating a customer reviews platform can be a winning idea. We would be happy to bring your unique vision to life.

Dating Apps

If you have a great dating app idea in mind, you are at the right place to make it happen. Our team has deep and diverse experience in dating app development, from ideation to launch and beyond.

Chat Apps

Whether you want to build a chat app for a wide audience or need a double-secured solution for internal communication, partner with us to leverage our latest practices in chat app development.

Video-based Apps

Want to create a social app that captivates and engages? Let’s capitalize on the strongest trends of recent years and provide the users with a video-based social media solution.

Media Sharing Platforms

The amount of content users produce grows exponentially, so let’s give them an easy way to store, share and promote it with your new media-sharing platform created in a partnership with us.

Let's make our world a more connected place with our social media app development services!

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Feature-Packed Social Media Application Development

We provide mobile application development solutions for the most thriving industries with the highest growth potential. The main niches we serve include but aren’t limited to social media, online dating, education, and eCommerce

User Profile
News Feeds
Posting and Sharing
Likes and Comments
Direct Messaging
Groups and Communities
Interest-Driven Explore Page
Search Functionality
Privacy and Security Settings
Analytics and Insights
Live Video Streaming
Voice and Video Calls
Emojis and Stickers
Filters and Effects
Reviews and Ratings
Matching Algorithm

Our Social Projects That Got Into The Spotlight

Karmabook Project Preview Image

Karmabook Project

A spiritual social network with gamification and business features, available as a website and mobile apps

Dating Project Preview Image

Dating Project

A huge overhaul of an online dating project which included website redesign and upgrade, building of mobile apps for Android & iOS

Incognichat Case Preview Image

Incognichat Case

Mobile app that allows communicating with friends and random strangers without disclosing any info about you

Your Burning Questions Answered

Indeed, the fullest possible answer to this question is worth a full-fledged social media app development guide that will take up dozens of pages. But let us provide you with a shorter but no less meaningful answer. First, you have to come up with an idea for your future app that will somehow be better compared to the apps that are already created. Then, you have to decide what technologies (web or mobile) you will use to build an app. At the next stage, getting in touch with a social networking app development company is the best way since leveraging their practice-proven expertise will save you from costly pitfalls and irreversible mistakes.
The cost to develop a social media app depends on the technologies you will use and the complexity of the solution itself. For example, if you want to create a simple review website, it can cost $10,000-15,000. At the same time, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a social media app like Instagram or Snapchat can cost $30,000-70,000, depending on the features set, the complexity of the design, and amount of integrations. Still, the best way to navigate the cost of your future project is to ask our social media software development company for an accurate estimate.
Yes, creating a social media app is hard, especially if you have little to no technical expertise. However, there is a way to simplify this task and hire a social media development company that specializes in creating such solutions precisely. We, at Binerals, are well-versed in creating such apps, so you are welcome to review our successful case studies and then, meet our tech team in person.
On average, it takes up to several months to develop a social media app. However, the time to create it will also depend on the size of your software development team, their expertise, and the complexity of the task itself. That’s why we recommend partnering with an experienced social media development company. Their proven practices will save both your time and money, allowing you to avoid critical mistakes.

Let’s create a social media app that users will love!

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