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Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

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Discovery Phase Services for Product Development

The project discovery phase is the first and the most crucial stage in the software development process. By identifying the problem, ideating, validating, and analyzing the market, you can lay a solid foundation for your future product success. Let's find a pitfall-free way to develop your product together!

Steps to Get a Clear Vision of Your Product


The research phase of product discovery involves gathering information about the problem and target audience. It may also include business analysis services that aim at identifying the business goals, stakeholders, and constraints that will impact the product development process.


Having a deep understanding of the project, its goals, and its target audience, we carefully estimate the resources necessary to develop it, evaluating the technologies, complexity of the features, and technical expertise needed to build them.


The next step is to prioritize the features and requirements of the product, highlighting the ones that should be at the heart of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and double-checking the vision with key stakeholders.


The final step in the discovery phase of a project is to create a roadmap for the product, which will keep the development team on track and ensure that the product is developed according to the estimated resources.

Discovery Phase Services for Competitive Industries

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Instead of competing with industry leaders, let's find unique opportunities and gaps to help your social media application stand out with our discovery phase service for a software project.

Let's build a product that resonates with your target audience!

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4 Steps to a Complete Product Discovery

Research and analysis

• Market and target audience research
• Business Analysis
• End-user research and problem validation
• Gaps, challenges, and opportunities identification

Resource planning

• Defining the project scope
• Defining the requirements
• Time and cost estimate
• Resource allocation planning

Prototyping and testing

• Choosing the technologies
• Creating a simple mockup
• Focus group testing
• Testing and feedback assessment

Roadmap development

• Defining project development strategy
• Aligning the vision with stakeholders
• Prioritizing development tasks
• Setting the timelines

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Project Discovery Phase Deliverables You Get

Project discovery phase deliverables help clarify further development, mitigate risks, create a consistent and holistic vision of the product, and allow stakeholders to find common ground.

Team structure
Product roadmap
Project scope
Stakeholder analysis
Market analysis
User personas
Wireframes and prototypes
User journey maps
Risk assessment
Project estimation
Tech stack

4 Reasons Why the Discovery Phase of the Project Matters

  • Ensure a product-user match

    A discovery phase of a software project aims at ensuring that the product will be demanded by the market and adopted by the users. It helps make sure the problem you'd like to solve with your solution does exists, and nobody else has offered a better solution.

  • Mitigate the risks

    In addition to meeting the users’ expectations, the discovery phase of an IT project helps reduce the risks of developing it. During this stage, we identify potential challenges, gaps, and uncertainties, coming up with risk mitigation strategies in advance.

  • Save time and resources

    The discovery phase in a project becomes even more essential when it comes to time and money, allowing you to avoid risky and unnecessary investment, allocate the resources smartly, set realistic timelines, and stick to them.

  • Get a clear vision

    The discovery phase in software development helps to define the project requirements, including the goals, objectives, and constraints. This is also a stage for aligning the vision of the key stakeholders and laying a solid foundation for the next move.

Product Discovery Questions and Answers

The project discovery phase is the first and most important stage of the software development process. It helps make sure that the future project matches the needs of the target audience, and is actually able to solve their problem. This phase also aims at getting a deep understanding of the market and business environment your solution will operate. In addition, a project discovery phase is an opportunity to develop a strategic and aligned vision, estimate the time and cost necessary to create a product, and set the right development priorities.
A discovery phase has three main goals. The main goal is to make sure that the future product will be adopted by the market and makes sense to be created. If so, during the discovery phase, you can also estimate the necessary resources and develop a roadmap that will guide your tech team along the way.
The core project discovery phase activities are research and analysis. They include but aren't limited to market and business analysis, PEST and SWOT research methodologies, competitors and target audience analysis, working with focus groups, and gathering the first users’ feedback. The discovery phase also involves time and money estimate, technology stack choice, wireframing, and prototyping, plus creating a product roadmap.
Since the product development roadmap is one of the main deliverables of the discovery phase, the next stage is creating a Minimum Viable Product.

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